WAS $19.95 Wifezilla! Humor Book

Humor Book Series Hits the Street

Ripped from the pages of Jim’s now famous “Shock Therapy” columns, this series of humor books contains all of the side-splitting comedy that’s perfect for the hunter in your family. The first of the four-book series is “Wifezilla: Married to a Fire-Breathing Angel” which conveys Jim’s true love for his adoring wife. Learn from the master of romance, the do’s and don’ts, in this how-to manual for hunting husbands. Coming soon will be three more books with subjects Jim’s fans will readily recognize from his decade-long career as hunting humorist. “Misadventures With Mungus” … We all have our favorite, number one, true blue hunting buddy. Mungus is loyal, unless there’s a big buck involved; wise, except for family, marital and hunting matters; and brave, except in the dark, the mountains or bear country. Sound like anyone you know? “Family Matters” … Life is tough for us big game hunting warriors when our best laid plans must be approved by the familial board of directors. Jim pens the political road map you’ll need to navigate the hazards of family life. “Hunting Hygiene and Etiquette” … Let’s face it, the rules are different for us; we are providers, risking our lives and our egos to put meat on the table. A psycho-analysis of the hunter mind … a never-before revelation of what really makes us tick. Collect all four by ordering your copy of “Wifezilla” today at www.jimshockey.com Go to Shopping … Books. Each book is illustrated with color throughout by professional artist Steve Stark. These soft-cover books are only $10.00 each. Get yours today!

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