WAS $29.95 Ultimate Big Game Adventures

The first in a series of books designed to complement the Hunting Adventure video series. Jim Shockey's first book in a 3-part series, ULTIMATE BIG GAME ADVENTURES is the "hands on" version of the videos. This large format book features over 200 full color plates and is filled with rich prose. Filled with real adventure stories, this series of books will transport the reader to wild lands they can only imagine. Readers will face a Polar bear at 15 feet, live in igloos, ride dogsleeds and hunt with the Inuit people. They will stalk to within touching distance of a mighty Cape Buffalo, hunt with the Masai warriors on the shoulders of a sacred volcano and hunt Oryx in Africa's Kalahari Desert. They will slip through the center of the greatest whitetail hunting area on earth and find the buck of a lifetime. Plus much more!

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