WAS $14.95 Jim Shockey's Ultimate Africa

Literally "Safari" translates from Swahili to English as "journey", but literal translations especially from tribal languages to English fail to explain fully the native meaning, the deeper inner meaning. Safari along with Jim Shockey to Masai Land to hunt with the famed Masai warriors...face Africa's most dangerous game including Cape Buffalos, lion, leopard and hippo in Tanzania...join Jim and father, Hal in Namibia on Hals' first safari for world-class plains game. Then, safari deeper into "real" Africa as Jim calls it. To Cameroon where he hunts species you won't see on other hunting videos. Watch as Jim and a crew of trackers dig for a 5 meter long python hiding deep in its lair. No, Safari is not just a "journey", come along with us and maybe you'll find the true spirit of safari that sleeps inside all of us.

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