WAS $14.95 Jim Shockey's Moose Mayhem

No other animal in North America carries a crown of antlers anything like an old, warrior Alaska- Yukon bull moose. And no tother animal in North America wields such weaponry with suck devastating power. The bull moose fears little...during the September rut, he fears nothing. Hunters can approach to mind-boggling proximity of these incredible beasts...sometimes. Watch and see for yourself. Moose Mayhem takes you to the wild edge of the North American continent with famed big game hunter, outfitter and guide Jim Shockey. Watch as Jim and team repeatedly zero in on giant 60-plus-inch Yukon bulls at incredibly close distance. Jim, who has taken more than 200 different game animals across the globe, has called the Alaska- Yukon moose his very favorite animal to hut in the entire world. Press play to take you to the unspoiled wilderness and you'll understand why.

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