WAS $29.95 Big Game Adventures Part II

Jim Shockey’s second book in the ULTIMATE BIG GAME ADVENTURES book series is now printed and ready for shipping! This latest book by renowned hunting authority Jim Shockey, is a further exploration into some of North America’s wildest hunting destinations.

This book, like Jim’s previous book, is filled with full colour photographs; photographs taken on location in the spectacular British Columbia Rocky Mountains, the high mountains of the Baja along the beautiful Sea of Cortez and the rain forest covered slopes of Vancouver Island’s coastal mountains. This book is a must read for anyone interested in big game hunting. Whether the hunter’s heart races for giant whitetail deer in Canada, mule deer, giant moose in the Yukon, black bear or even walrus with the Inuit, whatever a hunter’s dream, this book will take the reader on twenty-two hunting adventures, each the adventure of a lifetime!

While Jim’s humorous writing style entertains, his description of events will at the same time transport the hunter\reader to other places, at other more dangerous times for some of the best big game hunting adventures ever!

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